Teen activist backs PM


Teenage activist Scomo Turdberg has called for greater understanding from sections of the Australian media of the Morrison Government’s efforts to fight climate change.

The  winner of The Bug’s 2020 Australian of the Year Award (main picture) said Prime Minister Scott Morrison was not being given credit by most of the nation’s media for the steps he was taking to fight climate change.

“For example, nobody is congratulating him on his visionary plan to build more car parks at rail stations in strategic parts of the nation to help cut congestion and therefore vehicle emissions,” Ms Turdberg said.

“If reporters who attended his recent news conference had listened carefully and had read the official transcript of the PM’s exchanges with them, they would have realised that the car parks initiative fits perfectly with Mr Morrison’s preference for ‘technology not taxis’ to drive emissions reductions.

“Similarly, Mr Morrison has been reported as saying Australia would exceed its ’26-to-28%’ commitment to emission reductions under the Paris Agreement.

“Reporters didn’t read the transcript which clearly says the PM meant that Australia was 26 to 28% committed to the Paris Agreement but hoped to exceed that level of commitment by the time the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

“With a federal election due in the New Year, it’s dreadfully important that the PM has at least a 26-28% chance of being invited to Glasgow so he can rub shoulders with real world leaders and get whatever poll boost that might come his way from being photographed on that world stage hopefully at least 26-28% of the time.

“I just urge the media to listen more carefully to what the PM says in the future – at least 26-28% more than normal – and not misconstrue his words,” Ms Turdberg said.