Let’s all summon up the strength…

… to ponder the state of modern journalism

Firstly, here’s Jeremy Fernandez on ABC’s 7pm Sydney News last night (Friday), reporting that the Australian Federal Police had charged a man with the rape of Brittany Higgins at Parliament House: “…. the man has been summonsed by his lawyers to appear in court next month…”

We grizzled old souls at the Media Glass House have heard of hostile witnesses before but never hostile clients.

A lawyer-client relationship has come to a very sorry state of affairs when a law firm has to summons the alleged rapist client to turn up in court.

And sometime yesterday across town, over at Nine Entertainment Co’s The Sydney Morning Herald, the paper’s chief political correspondent David Crowe was penning a piece on the Higgins story, showing he knows about as much about the court summons process as he does about the 2019 federal election outcome.

Here’s David! “Police served the summons on the man’s lawyers yesterday to ask him to appear at the ACT Magistrates Courts on September 16….”

To ask him!!!

I say, dear chap, mind if I ask you a silly old question?

Would you mind terribly toddling down to the old courthouse on September 16 if it’s not too much of a bother!

Thank you David “Scott Morrison virtually won the 2019 election single-handedly” Crowe.

Take a bow, Aunty

And now some praise for the cash-and-staff-starved Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

As of 8am this morning on Iview, every state and territory capital 7pm news bulletin from last night (Friday) was available. In fact, all had been uploaded late last night.

You Buggers out there will know that the MGH has been slamming 9Now for months over its nightly Channel 9 news coverage which has been an absolute fucking shemozzle.

The 6pm bulletins from around the nation were once put up promptly; the system then changed to separate items that were months out of date; the nightly bulletins then returned but were also days old.

Now they’ve disappeared again completely. 9Now this morning had three episodes of 9 Morning News with Lizzie Pearl.

Fair dinkum. Aunty with its budget and staff cut to billy0 can be up-to-date and professional and 9Now can’t?

We’ll repeat what we’ve said before. Is Channel 9 and its parent company Nine Entertainment Co in financial trouble?