Sky News, Smoko, cop it tweet

In awarding the Bug’s Tweet of the Week, our judges might have revealed a little about their former childish selves.

It’s like they’ve used an adage from their adolescences – long and thin, too far in; short and thick does the trick – in giving this last week’s top award to Sir Geoff @nanoview for this excellent short tweet from the weekend just gone that certainly did the trick.

What a lovely putdown of SkyNewsAust so, Sir Geoff, along with our virtual non-existent trophy that will shortly not be posted to you, we can only say of your contribution: “Ouch!”

Now that’s a zinger!

The Bug has mentioned before how it felt like a lifetime there that we were the only people who saw how our Prime Minister easily butchers the English language as easily as he tells lies, shifts blame and is by and large just a dreadfully lazy prick who craves the nation’s top job but doesn’t want to do it.

We’ve kept so many of his syllable-slashing utterances over time and now more and more people are appreciating just how aligned his message mangling is to what’s clearly a fairly poor IQ.

And speaking of “aligned”, our top image shows exactly what Smoko uttered just the other day. Not so much a PM but a vice precedent.

Two Twitterers who vented on that conference for different reasons get our equal runners-up award.

There’s sandyj aka @bsadams25 who knows a word salad when it’s leaping out of the TV screen at her.

And Grant Curran. Melbourne Rat pack. @grantedjohn with this astute observation.

So, well done Sandyj. And good luck to you, Grant etc etc, if from now on your mission in life is to turn Smoko’s (we loved Snottie, too) ramblings into English.

You, sir, have a mighty task on your hands.