Will Niki get things right?

All you Buggers out there are asked to read the quote above from Niki Savva – and, yes, we can confirm she’s talking about Smoko Morrison – and then pose yourself this question: will Savva be a refreshing, left-wing voice – oh, okay, as least balanced voice – now that she’s left The Australian and has joined the Nine Entertainment Co’s Herald mastheads?

Take her comments at face value and it seems almost impossible that anything Savva pens between now and the next federal election could provide any succour whatsoever to the LNP’s hopes of a fourth-term.

For how bad will Labor have to be to find Ms Savva (pictured below during her earlier career with the Kransky Sisters) wanting in any way, shape or form another three years of a national leader as horribly terrible as Morrison?

It’s why we at the MGH are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be reading plenty of thought pieces about just how corrupt and incompetent this Morrison government has been.

But here’s the catch as we see it. Savva basically detests Smoko Morrison because he’s not Malcolm Turnbull.

It’s why we retain this awful gut feeling that when push comes to shove Savva will show her true colours come the election campaign – or even before. Or to express our doubts another way: Once a Tory, always a Tory.

We’re prepared to apologise upfront if it turns out Savva maintains the rage and keeps giving Smoko and his band of ministerial bores, boofheads, braggarts and bullies both barrels.

Or will she end up like her fellow writers at the SMH and Sun-Herald, drifting ever so relentlessly to the right under the Costelloisation of those two newspapers. The Australian Financial Review completed that journey a long, long time ago.

Will she end up being no different to Peter “Morrison has cleverly moved to the centre of politics where he has put himself in a winnng position” Hartcher, contributor David “Morrison virtually won the 2019 election single-handedly” Crowe and Jacqueline “Morrison deserves praise for the way he’s lead the coronavirus fightback” Maley?

That’s what these clowns have said in the past so you can only image how awful things are over at Newscorpse.