PM gets plugged good and proper!

The judging panel for The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week made it plain from the outset: they just love vicious personal attacks on the lying, lightweight, loony, far-right religious fruitcake, lazy, self-serving, privateer-mate loving, no talent, flim-flam merchant, snake oil salesman and empathy free zone that is Scott Morrison, the worse PM Australia has ever had to suffer under.

In fact, The Bug would love nothing more than to see him thrown out of office under the weight of such personal assaults alone, without even getting stuck into him over his total lack of any policy at all that benefits the Australian people and puts their needs above his own.

It would be the perfect payback for the disgraceful six years that Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison hammered away at Bill Shorten off the back of that $60million plus royal commission witchhunt into his life.

And, having said that, as a trouserless Malcolm Fraser might say, we say well done to Marcus Barber @rightfuture for this cutting observation that you’d expect from any competent barber.

The tweet that would most likely have won the week if we weren’t so partial to personal putdowns of this pathetic dumb prick of a prime minister we’re all saddled with would have been the one (above) from Occupy Centrelink @OccupyMyGov.

A cheese changing its name! Priceless. A brilliant snapshot about where Oz is at the moment.

Another tweet that nicely summed up the hypocrisy of pollies in general but Gladys Berejikian in particular was this one below from Fiona Murphy @FionaMurphee

Another tweet we really liked was from Chris @Chris86767838 (below).

Clearly, Chris was aware of Twitter’s rules on wishing death or serious injury on anyone and suggesting a damned good tasering would save him from a short ban.

We can only guess that Chris would have proffered a far more gruesome attack on rorting, corrupt Liberals (is that a double tautology?) if he could.

And, finally, while we generally avoid tweets from the famous or infamous and from pollies, present or past, we must pay homage to the former Member for New England with this wonderful putdown of Liberal PMs past and present.

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit but, bloody hell, it’s also very effective.

Lovely faint praise for the Mad Monk, Tony. We love your work!