Rinehart plans to blow up red tape


Ideas are already flooding in for the development of a blockbuster opening ceremony for the Brisbane Olympic Games in 2032.

Sources within the Queensland Government said there had been a flood of calls and submissions to the Premier’s Office since the International Olympic Committee announced Brisbane would host the Games.

The Bug understands mining magnate Gina Rinehart plans to press the Palaszczuk Government and the Australian Olympic Committee to heed her call to cut red tape in the lead-up to the Games.

“Ms Rinehart is very keen for Australia’s mining industry to take centre stage in any opening ceremony and has even supplied an artist’s impression of how the ceremony might include reference to the sector,” a state government source said. (main picture)

“She recognises that current health and safety laws and regulations might stand in the way of a controlled blast in the centre of the Gabba Stadium, which is why she has committed to continuing her push for cuts to red tape which might see her ideas come to fruition.”

Another mining industry and political identity, Clive Palmer, has asked to be included in the opening ceremony after seeing the Tongan team leader in last night’s athletes welcome in Tokyo.

“Mr Palmer has submitted an idea for him to be the flag bearer for the Australian team in 2032,” the source said. (pictured)

“Any decision on that one will depend on how much weight Mr Palmer can gain or lose in the next 11 years.”

The Bug also understands that country music legend, Queensland-born Chad Morgan, is lobbying for a starring role in the 2032 opening ceremony.

“Although he will be 99 when the Games start, Chad is so serious about taking part that he is even getting his teeth straightened to make himself more appealing to the international TV audience,” the government sources said. (pictured)