Spooky image scares widow


Mythbusters and sceptics admit they cannot explain the “vision” of Prime Minister Scott Morrison an elderly NSW woman saw and photographed in a cup of coffee she bought at the Engadine outlet of fast foot eatery McDonald’s  earlier this week.

Doris Stokes, a 78-year-old widow from Cronulla, said she paid a visit on Monday to an old friend who lives at nearby Engadine.

“I often pop over to see Betty and we have a chat, a light lunch and a cup of tea or coffee before I head back home so I can prepare dinner before it’s too dark,” Mrs Stokes said.

“Betty and I decided to walk the few blocks from her place to the local McDonald’s where I ordered a cappuccino and Betty had a cup of tea.

“When my coffee arrived I got a real fright because I saw a vision of Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the froth on top.

“I was very upset because it was so spooky and lifelike. I took a photo just in case nobody believed me. (main picture)

“The staff at Maccas swore blind they didn’t create the image and I believe them. So it’s hard to know where it came from.

“As my friend Betty said at the time, it is clearly the PM because not only was there a big stream of shit spraying out of his arse, there was also shit spraying from his mouth.

“That was the clincher for me. I was actually a bit upset and Betty and I left in a hurry and I’ve been under the doctor ever since.

“I hope to be up and about in a couple of days,” Mrs Stokes said.

A spokesperson for the James Randi Institute said its analysts had examined the photo taken by Mrs Stokes and spoken to her and her friend.

Institute investigators had also visited the Engadine McDonald’s to interview staff on duty at the time.

“At this stage we can definitely rule out a prank or any type of intervention by staff to create the image,” the spokesperson said.

“But as for an actual explanation right now we are stumped. But we will continue investigations.”