Oh, what a shitty week that was!

Short and sweet did the trick for The Bug‘s judging panel when it came to picking its Tweet of the Week for the last seven days – or so.

Especially as our winner cleverly combined two shitty little stories that the sewer rats on Twitter had great fun with this past week: Bill Shorten’s use of the word “shitshow” to describe the Morrison government’s stroll-out of COVID-19 vaccines and the fact that the Prime Minister emerged from hibernation – sorry quarantine – and decided that the most pressing matter facing the nation was to tell Kyle Sandilands that he did not shit his pants at Engadine Maccas back in the late 90s.

The Shorten outburst sent a shocked ABC Afternoon Briefing presenter Patricia Karvelas to hospital and the radio interview finally confirmed that the PM did soil his dacks at Maccas, seeing a denial from the PM clearly means there was a fairly sizeable log resting at the bottom of his trousers.

So we say well done to tanya @tanyavolt for combining the two items in a short sharp zinger she posted last Thursday that Bill Shorten would surely be proud of.

Hard on Tanya’s heels was Rosie Piper @rosealicepiper last Thursday with this nice little observation.

Well done, ladies, but language, please! Do you want to give Ms Karvelas conniptions should she read this? And that’s assuming you are ladies? Who knows where the truth lies with Twitter handles.

A more straightforward response to Smoko’s radio interview admission came from timdunlop @timdunlop also late in the week.

Sums things up bewdifully, Tim.

And to finish off with something complete different, here’s DIANNE ANNA BAY @beestydi