News rethinks Kelly podcast


News Corp Australia has been forced to dramatically revamp its new podcast by The Australian’s editor-at-large, Paul Kelly just days after the first episode was made available online.

Kelly released his first podcast on Wednesday as part of a planned ongoing series in which he reads his newspaper columns.

A spokesperson for News Corp Australia said Kelly had enjoyed recording his first weekly podcast (pictured) and had been looking forward to producing more.  

“But unfortunately our plans for Paul’s podcasts have had to be altered in a number of respects based on feedback from subscribers,” the spokesperson said.

“For starters we will be changing the name of the series from Paul Kelly – Columns to Paul Kelly – Ponderous Pontifications to better reflect the content.

“We will also be asking Paul to maybe read only part of a column each week. We had many complaints from people who told us they could not spare the hour or so it took Paul to read his column.

“We will also be issuing a content warning to would-be subscribers by sending them Paul’s CV.

“We were very pleased with the flood of new subscribers his first podcast attracted, but that was followed by a rash of cancellations and demands for refunds.

“Most of them said they felt misled. They had been looking forward to singing along to big hits such as How to Make Gravy and Before Too Long or To Her Door and were very, very disappointed with the content.”

The spokesperson said another factor influencing the revamp had been official advice from various state police forces and road safety authorities demanding that subscribers be strongly advised not to listen to the podcast while driving or operating machinery.