Behind every great man…..

Those of us at the Media Glass House who comprise the small pool of remaining subscribers to News Crap Australia turdbloids are accustomed to wading through page after page of ads for homewares retailer Harvey Norman.

We have often wondered at the altrusim of the homewares giant because we have so far not detected any favourable coverage of Harvey Norman in the papers we read.

That is if you exclude any criticism or negative stories from the definition of favourable coverage. Perhaps favourable non-coverage is the appropriate term?

Regardless, we have still seen no favourable coverage of Harvey Norman or its head honcho Gerry Harvey.

We do note, however, a double page spread in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin. (pictured)

It is in effect a very large pointer to a liftout in the paper’s Saturday edition covering the latest Gold Coast Woman of the Year Award winners.

The entire spread focuses on Mr Harvey’s wife and CEO of Harvey Norman, Katie Page.

Gerry makes a brief appearance in some of the yarns, but most of the stories focus on Ms Page, her business career, and management style and philosophies.

So as far as any quid pro quo for all those glossy ads goes, nothing to see here.


There seems to be no effort being made at News Crap Australia to hide the fact that it now exists almost purely to help re-elect the Morrison Government.

Readers will know that last week the government launched its “arm yourself” advertising campaign to help encourage Australians to secure COVID-19 vaccinations that may or may not be available to them. (pictured)

But what do logistics matter when there is a threat to the political life of a government that has bungled every job it had since the pandemic struck?

Just dip into the public purse for a multi-million-dollar ad campaign while crying poor when business, workers, and others ask for some financial help during lockdowns.

So earlier this week in the face of a public backlash to the ads, News Crap rose to the government’s rescue with front pages in various of its titles that purely coincidentally mirrored the government ads. (pictured)

We’re sure there was no central directive to editors and that they all simply made up their individual minds that their readers should be fed a variation of a government advertisement as “news”.

In reality all that was missing was the Liberal Party authorisation at the bottom of page one.