Karvelas leaves hospital after scare


MELBOURNE: Respected ABC senior journalist and broadcaster Patricia Karvelas has been released from an inner-Melbourne private hospital where she has been receiving treatment for severe shock following a disgraceful incident on the set of Afternoon Briefing on Monday.

“Please tell all of my fans I’m okay and I expect to be on air this afternoon,” Ms Karvelas told The Bug when we visited her earlier this morning (see above). She then blew kisses to our reporter and cameraman as she underwent a final checkup before being discharged.

The much-loved veteran journalist was clearly visibly distressed when Opposition shadow minister Bill Shorten swore profusely on her Monday show.

“You’ve just sworn on national television,” Ms Karvelas said through pursed lips, one of the first signs of impending shock onset.

“Well, I’m not going to school you on how to speak,” a stunned Ms Karvelas said even though she clearly was, self-denial being another early warning sign of severe shock being just around the corner.

Although disgusted by the language and with other pre-shock signs such as nausea and dizziness starting to kick in, Ms Karvelas being the true professional that she is saw the program through before collapsing on set.

She told us this morning in her private hospital suite: “I admit I was absolutely stunned when Mr Shorten used the word ‘shits**w’ on my program …. sorry, I meant to say ‘s**tshow'”

“Fuck! As you can see, I still don’t think I’m fully recovered yet,” she said as she reached for the hand of a nearby nurse.

“I never knew Mr Shorten could be such a horrid little man.”

The Bug understands that Ms Karvelas’s future as anchor of Afternoon Briefing will not be decided until ABC senior management completes its investigation into how many children around the nation were watching Monday’s taping and unfortunately heard Shorten’s bullocky-blushing profanity.