Giuliani fights court bans

Former New York mayor and legal adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, says he will fight court rulings that stop him working as a lawyer in at least two US jurisdictions.

A New York court last month suspended Mr Giuliani (main picture) from the state bar after citing his “false and misleading statements” on behalf of Mr Trump in the period following the November 2020 presidential election.

This week a court in the District of Columbia banned him from working as a lawyer in the Washington district until the New York case was resolved.

Addressing reporters at a media conference held outside the Sheraton animal rendering works on Fifth Avenue in the New Jersey township of Elizabeth, Mr Giuliani said he had every right to continue working as a lawyer.

“It’s wrong that I’ve been banned from practicing law in New York and DC,” he said.

“And when I say practicing law I also mean practising law for those reporters from other nations who are here today.

“I think it is grossly unfair that I can’t practice, or practise, law because I really need all the practice, or maybe practise, I can get.

“I reckon I’m getting pretty good at it, and these court-ordered interruptions will only set back my career.

“I can’t wait to lodge one of those things that lawyers lodge with courts,” Mr Giuliani said. “You know…. those things…..”

At this stage an aide whispered in Mr Giuliani’s ear and he continued: “An appeal! I can’t wait to lodge an appeal. In fact I’m dyeing to get into court and fight these rulings.

“And before any of you ask, I do mean dyeing,” Mr Giuliani said.