Gladys cops flak over uniform

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has reacted angrily to claims that she’s shamefully trading on the good name of the Australian girl guides movement by wearing their uniform to her daily COVID-19 media calls.

The Premier and her state Health Minister Brad Hazzard first stunned journalists at yesterday’s regular mid-morning media call to outline new coronavirus numbers (pictured above) when they walked out wearing girl guides uniforms.

Despite a fairly hostile reaction from journalists, both vowed to repeat the process this morning although Mr Hazzard indicated he might switch to a scouts uniform, to which his leader replied: “Whatevers!”

Ms Berejiklian angrily slapped down suggestions she was simply trying to use the uniforms to “share the blame” over the latest three-week lockdown now gripping a large sway of NSW and the bulk of its population but one of her media hub spokespeople was a little more candid, albeit off the record.

“Well, what the fuck was she supposed to do?” the aide told The Bug on the condition of anonymity.

“She thought Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s idea to hide behind one of the nation’s highest ranked military personnel and then go missing for weeks on end, letting that general cop all the flak over his botched coronavirus vaccine rollout and quarantine bungles was a political masterstroke.

“But the army, navy and airforce are under federal government jurisdiction and Morrison wouldn’t lend the Premier anybody to become the face of the State Government’s humiliating lockdown backdown.

“She doesn’t even have a state militia she could have called on and Shane Fitzsimmons, the former NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner and now Head of Resilience NSW, said there was no way in the world he’d put on his old fire-chief clobber and take any job where he might end up again in the same room as ‘that dreadful cunt Morrison’.”

The aide said Premier Berejiklian earlier had staged a dummy media call inside her parliamentary rooms wearing a uniform borrowed from her good friend, the governor-general David Hurley (pictured right).

“But then someone made the point that those crusty old bastards at the Rissole would carry on like pork chops.

“You know how antsy those fucking old fossils get over people wearing service ribbons and medals they haven’t earned themselves.”