Sharing the blame around

The Bug’s Media Glass House likes to keep a close eye on how often those in the mainstream mediocre willingly rope in others to lessen the impact for Prime Minister Scott Morrison whenever he does something that could cost him votes.

A good recent example was Peter FitzSimons, columnist for the Nine Entertainment mastheads, The Sydney Morning Herald and its sister Sunday paper, The Sun-Herald.

For last Sunday’s column, FitzSimons was keen to blame all those he saw responsible for the “ambling, rambling, shambles” that has been the COVID-19 vaccination “stroll-out”, a phrase he fairly accredited Sally McManus for.

He gave the State Government a serve for not forcing those in the frontline of COVID-19 risk to be masked up and fully vaccinated by now; the “stroll-out” was partly the federal government’s fault and partly the general lack of urgency from “we the people”.

Now who else can he rope in? Here we go!

“And from the Opposition – they should be pushing an alternative plan for getting us out of this mess with all guns blazing.”

How dare Anthony Albanese and Labor, who have now been in Opposition eight years, not have fixed this shitfuckery up by now.

It’s now par for the course for the bulk of the mainstream mediocre to be peachy keen to see Morrison stay in power by portraying Albanese as someone who is not cutting through. He has been calling on the government to build specialised quarantine centres ever since they were recommended more than a year ago. Whether he gets much of a run saying these things is not his fault.

A few nights later, Chris Uhlmann over at the Nine News in Sydney seemed equally determined to share the “blame” for Scott Morrison’s decision to allow anyone over 18 to have the AstraZeneca jab if they were dying to try it.

Uhlmann, perhaps acutely aware that the PM is fast losing bark over this monster of a stroll-out fuckup, stated categorically that the AstraZeneca decision had been taken at National Cabinet.

For hours before that 6pm bulletin went to air, sewer-rat reporters on social media were busily putting the kybosh on that theory.

The MGH suspects they were spot on … and they’re on nowhere near the fine salary of Uhlmann as one of the nation’s finest political reporters.

And ABC’s News Breakfast this morning was adamant that Morrison’s brainfart was his and his alone. Our description, by the way. Michael and Lisa are far too nice to ever use “brainfart”!

With the AMA coming out and expressing disappointment with the decision and many GPs now reportedly refusing to give the AstraZeneca jab to young people, the MGH will forgive anyone for suspecting that Uhlmann, well known as he is for getting things as Right as he can, has deliberately roped in state governments to share any blame around.

There is, after all, an election to win, be it sooner or later.


We should, however, point out a small but potentially ominous cloud on the PM’s horizon.

In her latest column, News Corp Australia’s very own Trumpeter, Miranda Devine, has a dig at the Morrison Government’s botched vaccine rollout.

So gentle, and so deeply buried in her piece that readers could be excused for not even noticing. (pictured)

But our MGH staff did notice, and immediately started to wonder what had prompted it.

We do know that these days Miranda writes for News Corp from the US.

Now, who else associated with News Corp lives in the US, perhaps is a US citizen, and perhaps might be starting to have doubts about the leadership qualities of our great wartime leader and father of our nation?