Libs back PM’s tackle tactic


Federal Liberal Party sources are expressing growing confidence that Prime Minister Scott Morrison can lead the party back to government whenever he decides to call an election.

Their optimism follows the outcome of yesterday’s emergency meeting of National Cabinet to discuss stepping up efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The meeting was a tour de force by the PM who yet again showed he is a marketing genius with the ability to secure another term in office despite polls showing a close race,” one Liberal Party source said.

“In the lead-up to the National Cabinet meeting the PM was known to be fearful that media coverage would be dominated by attacks on him and his government by state premiers and territory chief minsters.

“He knew they were all going to use the meeting as a platform to grandstand on shortcomings in the government’s efforts to fight the pandemic, especially in the aged care sector and the national vaccine rollout.

“But to give him is due, Scotty turned the tables on them as soon as the meeting started.”

The Liberal Party source referred to media reports of the National Cabinet which focussed almost entirely on the fact Mr Morrison chaired the online forum from The Lodge in Canberra without trousers and for most of the meeting his genitals were clearly visible to all leaders and officials involved in the virtual meeting. (main picture)

“It was pure Scott Morrison. The guy’s a genius,” the source said. “Who’s talking about the virus or the vaccine today? Hey?

“The barbecue stopper – as John Howard would put it – was Scott’s tackle.

“I spoke to him afterwards and he was thrilled with how the meeting went. He rightly predicted that nobody would be reporting the fact he and his government had dropped the ball and are now scrambling just to do their job in relation to the pandemic.

“I asked him how he came to decide on the tactic and he said it was simple.

“While the meeting was getting under way he overheard some online chit-chat between Annastacia Palaszczuk and Dan Andrews.

“After weeks away from the job Dan was itching to launch into the PM and told Palaszczuk: ‘I’ll show the prick.’

“It was then Scotty decided that wasn’t such a bad idea and, as they say, the rest is history. Genius. Just genius,” the Liberal Party source said.