Take a bow, Nine News!

The Bug’s Media Glass House mentioned just the other day a certain regret over the fact it takes the mickey out of Channel Nine’s 6pm Sydney news as often as it does.

But for once we want to say to Peter Overton and his reporting team: “Well done, you!!!”

We couldn’t be prouder of the way you almost completely cut out Prime Minister Scott Morrison from an eight-and-a half minute segment on Tuesday night on the success of the Australian Federal Police’s Operation Ironside’s shakedown of organised crime world wide.

Apart from an earlier glimpse of the great man, you gave him a talking role of about four seconds as he said in a very statesman-like way: “This is a watershed moment in Australian law enforcement history.”

Sure, that was four seconds more than the great showman deserved but while you showed commendable reserve – and we truly hope no-one gets sacked by Peter Costello over it – the ABC 7pm news across town gave the impression it was putting in the hard yards to win our coveted The Bug MGH Arselicker of the Month award.

While Overton did not mention Morrison in his 38-second intro to the segment at the start of the 6pm bulletin, the ABC took an entirely different tack, making poor old Nine look like the Bolshevik Broadcasting Bureau and themselves like a series of LNP talking points interspersed with some crime busting news.

The Father of the Nation and potential Nobel Prize winner for world crime fighting featured prominently in ABC presenter Juanita Phillip’s 35-second intro to that main yarn.

“Today, the Australian Government as part of a global operation, has struck a heavy blow against organised crime,” intoned the man who right now would fly to Perth Children’s Hospital and be photographed taking Tharnicaa Murugappan’s temperature if he thought there were now more vote in doing that instead of maintaining his racist, ruthless, far-right-wing cunt act of recent years.

On Tuesday night, you could almost hear the Great Man thinking: is this my ticket to ride out to Yarralumla and a snap poll?

There’s another shot of Morrison in the collage as Phillips summarsies other news in the bulletin and then the main story resumes.

Any Buggers out there want to guess how long it took for Morrison to get some more on-camera spoken glory?

Not long. And what did he have to say?

“Today, the Australian Government, as part of a global operation, has struck a heavy blow against organised crime.”

You can almost hear the Great Man thinking: is this my ticket to ride out to Yarralumla and a snap poll seeing it’s sorta due anyway, right mainstream media?

The segment also gave Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews a short speaking role, although she rather stupidly gave credit to the Australian Federal Police. We don’t know yet what her new assistant junior minister role is.

So, overall, we repeat: “Well done, Channel Nine News. We’re very, very, proud of you.”

Although we suppose we should mention that when Damian Ryan began his story on Operation Ironside, a darkened Sydney street was identified as Scott Morrison, Prime Minister and then Comm. Reece Kershaw Australian Federal Police in the time it took it took Ryan to say the words “flash bang grenades”.

Double oops!

Don Gordon-Brown