Pointedly and cuttingly vicious!

We couldn’t go past the tweet we received last Friday from @RonniSalt for its clever wording – and, naturally enough – its joyful viciousness.

Our Twitterer of the Week showed a sound knowledge of the past behaviour of our prosperity- indoctrinated Prime Minister while giving him both barrels over his reported attempts to stop the ABC running a Four Corners program on his connections with those within the far-right-wing QAnon organisation.

Scott Morrison had rejected as “deeply offensive” suggestions he has any links to the QAnon conspiracy theory. He claimed that he didn’t know anyone from that group and then doubled down that his private life before and since entering politics was basically no-one else’s business.

Nailed it in one, @RonniSalt!

We particularly enjoyed her reference to how Morrison had to rely on Rupert Murdoch’s Sydney rag to viciously and wrongly defame the opponent who had trashed him by a very wide margin in the pre-selection ballot for his seat of Cook. Australians have been paying back Murdoch ever since to the tune of many hundreds of taxpayer millions.

And @bradpsychology came close with this tweet from a week ago, showing that brevity can be a powerful tool in bringing powerful tools back to earth.