Newspoll all Smoko and mirrors?

Anyone who thinks the Morrison Government has had a good time of it over recent weeks (or months for that matter) has got to be James Massola or James Campbell or Chris Uhlmann or…. (kindly insert here the names of any number of mainstream media political reporters).

We’ve had Smoko all tied up in knots over his attempted transition from Let’s Live With This Virus And Put the Economy Before Lives Man to I’ll Keep Borders Closed and Youse All Safe Man.

He’s lost a lot of bark recently, especially in Victoria, until reality took a grip of his cajones and he abandoned his hotel quarantine works 99.9999999 per cent of the time mantra and now looks like he’s going to throw $500 million specialised quarantine centres at anyone who asks for them.

Ministers continue to display their total incompetence with Richard Colbeck showing us he couldn’t run a lolly shop opposite a state school. Minister Reynolds finally proved she was the lying cow after all by some revisionist rubbish as to who made her sick.

Minister Khunt waffles on with excuses for the botched vaccine rollout while Peter Dutton continues to frighten the bejesus out of us just by being shown on the TV all too frequently to remind us we could all be speaking Chinese by year’s end.

So, then, overnight, comes the latest Newspoll.

While it’s true that Smoko has indeed lost some bark in terms of popularity – the 11-point gap between approval 54 (-4) and disapproval 43 (+5) has been the lowest since his emergence as Father of the Nation over COVID-19 – somehow his government is now on equal footing with Labor, all squared up at 50 (+1) 50 (-1).

The primary votes for the LNP government and Labor have remained unchanged on 41 and 36 respectively while Labor’s loss of a narrow two-party lead comes from a one-point dip for the Greens and a similar rise for One Nation.

Go figure, hey?

And poor old Anthony Albanese also goes backward in approval to a minus nine-point gap, proving yet again he’s not cutting through. Right, James Massola and James Campbell and Chris
Uhlmann and…. (kindly insert here the names of any number of mainstream media political reporters)?

As always, the Sunday-night release of the becoming-more-infrequent Newspoll gives us a laugh while sadly bringing on twinges of great concern as well.

Is Newspoll all over the shop and a totally useless diagnostic tool for political strategists or does it really show us how ignorant or uncaring the Australian public is that they’d give the rottenist, shittiest, rortiest, laziest, most uncaring, most corrupt and most mendacious government in our nation’s history a more than even chance of being returned?

And especially a government led by a right-wing religious fruitcake who believes in a magic sky daddy who shows off by talking mumbo-jumbo through people’s tongues, uses people’s hands to make other people fall over backwards, who threatens born-only-the-once non-believers with a looming rapture that involves fiery lakes of sulphuric acid which can’t be at all pleasant and who has fuck-all time for people who have not shown their true love for Him by making obscene amounts of money in his honour.

Don Gordon-Brown