Is Nine now practising Jew diligence?

Aahhh, the power of The Bug‘s Media Glass House to effect change for the better in Australia’s mainstream mediocre!

You Buggers will recall that earlier in the week, we tore strips off Channel 9 News’ 6pm bulletin out of Sydney after it stated that a young girl had lost her mother and all her siblings in a missile strike in Israel, the clear assumption being that Gaza was to blame for the atrocity.

Her family in fact was all but wiped out in Gaza, courtesy of an Israeli pre-dawn missile barrage. We subtly made the point that the two-million plus Palestinians crammed into the tiny Gaza strip do not live in Israel and would be horrified to hear that some ignorant people who know fuck-all about the Middle East think they do.

But now! Just look at the clip above from last Wednesday night’s bulletin!

More missile deaths of young kids in Gaza but at least the caption clearly shows that Nine News accepts that this time it’s Israel that’s being horrible. We just hope they don’t get unfairly accuse of being anti-semitic.

We congratulate Chan… sorry, what’s that? The caption can still be read both ways and Channel 9 might still be wilfully and woefully ignorant of who lives where and totally incapable of presenting this tragic conflict fairly and professionally.

Surely not!

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Nine Entertainment’s streaming service 9Now has reverted to displaying its Nine Network 6pm news programs around the nation’s capitals the way it used to – in one, sensible folder and needing just the one click from, in Sydney’s case, Peter Overton’s introduction to the pretty weather girl in high heels at the end.

It always made sense here at the MGH; people who wanted to catch up on news in their own city could easily access the lastest handful of bulletins, albeit having to put up with some very annoying and unavoidable ad breaks for the privilege.

That system was scrapped some months ago for a mishmash of single news items from all around the network, still with those annoying ads to give news seekers the shits.

But as the MGH pointed out gleefully over recent months, the implementation of the new concept was thoroughly botched and the separate clips stagnated for many weeks, with the latest offerings including Bindi Irwin’s wedding back in March (below). For a news outlet boasting the latest news clips, it was a shit look indeed.

And then just recently, the techno internet upload guy or gal must have come back from holidays for the clips finally got updated. Well, they made a start anyway.

But now it’s back to whole bulletins from beginning to end. What a clusterfuck.