ABC disciplines that Q&A bloke

The host of ABC TV’s weekly panel discussion program Q&A has been disciplined by senior management following Thursday night’s episode featuring former deputy prime minister and National Party leader, Barnaby Joyce.

 I understand that the show’s host, that young bloke who took over from Tony Jones but whose name escapes me right now, was carpeted by senior producers at the ABC.

The dressing down came after regular panel member Mr Joyce appeared naked and in a state that some viewers suggested was best described as “tired and emotional”. (main picture)

Mr Joyce spoke in a loud and blustering manner, made crude remarks throughout the show, and continually fondled himself whenever a female member of the panel was talking.

“After Barnaby’s latest appearance it was clear that management wasn’t happy at all with how the episode panned out,” an ABC insider told me.

“They called in that bloke who now hosts Q&A after Tony Jones left and read him the riot act.

“Sorry, to be absolutely accurate as required under the ABC’s charter I should have said they called him in and read him the Riot Act.

“Anyway, after they… Sorry again, that should have been ABC’s Charter, because it is an official Corporation publication.

“So anyway, after Thursday’s show the bloke who hosts it was told in no uncertain terms to lift his game.

“Management told him his job was on the line unless he could find a way to encourage Barnaby to be even more outrageous and offensive.

“After all, far from being a ‘must watch’ program each week the whole show has become downmarket light entertainment with a rotating list of regular panellists primed to say anything sufficiently provocative to draw attention to the show.

“So hopefully that host bloke will give Barnaby free rein next time he appears which you can bet won’t be far off.

“Sorry, should that be free reign? No I think I got it right first time,” the source said.