New tune a fillip for MSM choir


A catchy new tune has been added to the song sheet for the Mainstream Media Political Commentators Combined Choir.

And it was written by relatively new choir member, the ABC’s Andrew Probyn, who couldn’t resist trying it out at the top of the corporation’s 7pm news out of Sydney last night (pictured above).

After about four minutes of straight news featuring uncritical praise for Josh Frydenberg’s Tuesday night Budget address – a performance itself that Peter Costello over at Nine Entertainment would have found very hard to mark down – Andrew Probyn was introduced by Juanita Philips and launched straight into Scottie’s Brought Down a Labor Budget and Albanese Will Have to Fudge It, sung in his very agreeable tenor voice to the tune of The Hills are Alive from The Sound of Music.

“I had to change the lyrics just a bit,” a mischievous Probyn told The Bug early this morning.
“When the lyrics came to me on Tuesday night, I had it originally as Scottie’s Brought Down a Labor Budget and Albanese Replied: “Oh, fuck it!”

Other members of the Mainstream Media Political Commentators Combined Choir (pictured right at a recent practice session), whose charter is to see the re-election of the well-performing Morrison Government as early as possible for the nation’s sake, reacted enthusiastically on hearing the new song performed.

“It’s a ripper,” Channel Nine’s Chris Uhlmann said, “and I can’t wait for practice tonight to hear it given the full ensemble treatment.

“If Andrew doesn’t mind, I reckon a haunting solo section from Niki Savva would go down a treat.”

The excitement is understandable as the ensemble had more or less given up on performing for an early federal election after several of their best tunes from the group’s repertoire were taken off the song list after recent setbacks for the government.

Vaccine Man: How ScoMo Put Our Health and Safety First and Hotel Quarantine is All That’s Needed had been big audience favourites and while Father of our Nation, penned by Jacqueline Maley and David Crowe and celebrating Scott Morrison’s amazing stewardship of the nation through COVID-19 and Peter Hatcher’s ScoMo’s a Winner After Moving to and Dominating the Centre of Australian Politics were still rating well, all choir members felt new material was needed.

One of the Peter van Onselens on the choir said of Probyn’s offering: “This Budget has blown poor old Albo out of the water and has put an early poll well and truly back on the cards. All of us couldn’t be more excited for our employers.

“This brilliant Budget has left Albanese with nowhere to run.

“Hey… wait a minute!

“No where to run! I think I could come up with some lyrics that would well and truly complement Andrew’s new tune. They’d go great with that Bruce Springsteen classic.”