Twitter sees red over carpet stunt

The adage that a week is a long time in politics perhaps should be changed to a day being a long time in politics.

Because that’s how long it took for the favourites we had lined up for our prestigious Tweet of the Week award – some wonderful observations on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s attempt to blame the media for reporting the interesting, newsy bits from a midnight government news release – were blown out of the water by …….. drum roll, please …… this….

To be completely honest, we at The Bug thought it was a very funny but clearly faked meme. Well, most of us. In our main conference auditorium at Bug HQ, our editorial, production, clerical and other support staff voted 121-4 that it simply had to be fake.

But then we spied this tweet from an old friend on May 8. Thanks @RonniSalt.

Once we recovered from the shock that any Australian prime minister could be fucking stupid and self-possessed enough to think that such a staged photo would go down well with knockabout, average, Australians, we took other Twitterers on the subject far more seriously.

We particularly liked historical contributions such as…

A Russell Drysdale also painted a lovely word picture to sum up his feelings…

…as did….

The judges’ decision was probably the hardest in the long history of The Bug‘s Tweet of the Week but it has been awarded to Teetering on the Edge, above, for its brevity while explaining how the the tiniest of things (by that we mean the Aussie flag lapel pin and not the PM’s brain) can grow into something quite sinister over time. It’s not as if we weren’t warned of the potential monster in our midst.

And although Teetering on the Edge uses the word ‘ends”, The Bug feels there’s something spookily portentous about the tweet; that perhaps the worst of Scott Morrison is yet to come.

Finally, a special mention to the very creative memes that popped up on Twitter after Dictato… sorry … Beloved Leader for Life …. sorry … Prime Minister Morrison strode imperiously along that red carpet. At top is one we liked a lot. Apologies up front if you’ve just eaten.