Liberal leader arselickers cop it tweet

Until just a few days ago, the electronic folder full of entries for our coveted Tweet of the Week was dominated by excellent, truly cruel and cutting comments and wonderful memes on the Messiah from the Shire’s fruitcake sermon to the happy clapping, tongue-talking, healing hands on the Gold Coast.

But then along came a couple of breathtakingly sycophantic essays from our two major media groups sucking up the arses of Gladys Berejiklian and Scott Morrison with such ferocity that neither will have to go to the shitter or McDonalds at Engadine, respectively, for quite some months.

The first piece of full-gloss tosh came from Phillip “Tell me the old, old Tory” Coorey about how Our Glad saved Australia. (insert canned laughter here). We had barely stopped ROFLing when across at Newscorpse, as if its crown as the nation’s far-right-wing media was under serious threat, hit back with its various weekend magazines around Oz taking a cover and two full pages to not tell us how Pentecostalottoattendism has made Scott Morrison the absolute uncaring, money-hungry cunt he is today.

Anyway, without further ado, the envelope please…. and the winner goes to…


Or more accurately, RonniSalt – @ronniSalt – who brought us that wonderful phrase in her savage putdown of the Newscorpse suck-hard-and-proudly-swallow piece on Smirko.

Here are some other tweets that really tickled our fancy and pushed Ronni hard for Tweet of The Week glory and the substantial prizemoney that doesn’t come with it.