Fresh claims dog Neighbours

Fresh allegations have been raised about misbehaviour on the set of Australian-made internationally popular soap opera Neighbours.

I can report exclusively that on top of claims of racism levelled by some actors against fellow cast members and production staff, the new claims extend to allegations of sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault against a former, now deceased, cast member.

On legal advice The Bug has been forced to obscure the identity of the actor alleged to have committed the offences. (main picture)

When I spoke to producers of Neighbours they told me they would investigate the new claims.

However, they said they had not previously been aware of the allegations against the actor who had a major role in the program from 1987 but who died shortly after leaving the program in 1993.

Male and female actors working on the Neighbours set in Melbourne in the late 1980s and early 1990s have come forward to me to make allegations against their dead former colleague.

“He was notorious for his sexual antics on and off set,” one veteran actor told me on condition of anonymity.

“He’d dry hump anyone’s leg. He didn’t care if they were male or female.

“He never even uttered a word. He’d just walk or run up to anyone on set and start to dry root them.

“On other occasions between takes he’d manspread to show off his genitals. Sometimes his penis was clearly visible.

“When someone pointed it out, he’d start licking it. It was just disgusting.

“There were even a few occasions when he’d actually have a piss or take a shit on set.

“I guess he was just trying to prove to everyone how untouchable he thought he was.

“Looking back I realise now that his behaviour was similar to the late UK celebrity and sex fiend Sir Jimmy Savile.

“It’s clear now that [name deleted] thought he was famous enough that his own celebrity would protect him from any repercussions.

“But like Savile, just because [name deleted] is dead doesn’t mean his behaviour shouldn’t be investigated and exposed,” the unnamed actor told me.