One weak spot, Michelle? Really?

The Bug‘s Media Glass House is wondering whether veteran and much admired politics scribe Michelle Grattan needs her eyes and ears tested.

With a record over decades of closely watching pollies and brutally excoriating them for their faults when and where necessary, Michelle talks of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his “weak spot”. As in singular! Just the one character flaw? The one vote loser? Really, Michelle?

We could be churlish and ask Michelle, a professorial fellow at the University of Canberra, exactly which Scott Morrison she’s been watching over recent years to form the basis of her article as chief political correspondent for The Conversation, and which also graces the ABC’s online political coverage today (above).

The MGH hopes it doesn’t get branded as some sort of woke, innercity, latte-sipping, left-wing nut job case for suggesting, should someone hand it a piece of paper and a pen, that it could come up with a very substantial list of our PM’s weak spots, plural, in no time at all.

Or put another way, we can’t see the hashtage #oneweakspotPM rating well any time soon.

To be fair to Michelle, the ‘weak spot’ comes from the heading to the ABC post and doesn’t appear in her essay. She does refer to Christine Holgate’s claim of bullying by the PM so that might just be the “one weak spot” the article refers to. Or as some might say … to which the article refers.

The MGH only mentions this right at the end because to have mentioned it at the beginning would have made the item less interesting with the “weak spot” less outrageous if not attributable to Michelle and made it harder for us to have a dig at the leadership-lacking, lazy, bullying, back-stabbing, mendacious, self-centred, blame-shifting, sexist, dim-witted, word-butchering, happy-clapping, slogan bogun, beer-swilling, Rapture-awaiting pathetic prick of a PM Australia is sadly saddled with at the moment.

If Michelle finds anyone of those descriptions reasonable, she might at the very least like to ring the ABC’s online people (say hello to Ben Atherton for us!) and get them to change the heading.


Has Channel Nine gone broke?

Its “news and current affairs” section on its revamped 9Now free streaming service is still running news clips from three weeks ago as their “latest”, up-to-date news offerings.

Can we all somehow get together and raise funds for Nine Entertainment through that clown-sourcing thing or whatever it’s called.


The MGH feels a tad sorry for the ABC editor who spliced together the report on the launch of the HMAS Supply and made it look like our Governor-General and Defence Chief sat through the performance by 101 Doll Squadron dancers shown above.

We appreciate how hard it is to find work anywhere in the fourth estate at the moment.