A picture paints a thousand words

The Bug proudly presents a new feature that will run each and every Monday, celebrating the work of ordinary folk – we laud them as citizen journalists doing the work the mainstream media has abandoned – on issues that have inspired them to have their say on social mediocre … well, Twitter at least.

And the very first winner of the gold-embossed sewer rats certificate of merit – unfortunately only an imaginary one due to COVID-19 restrictions – goes to Margaret Morgan @Monocotyledon for this wonderful effort at the weekend.

Margaret was among those on Twitter who felt an uncontrollable yet totally understandable urge to take the mickey out of what The Bug supposes was the idea of some marketing moron (possibly above) who wrongly thought the image would be a plus for The Father of our Nation.

The PM is either penning some thoughts on the passing of Prince Philip or the words for a guest sermon he delivered at best mate Pastor Brian Houston’s Hillsong yesterday.

Before The Bug spied Margaret’s wonderful pisstake, we ran our own effort up the flagpole (below) but Margaret’s is much better.

Well done, Margaret, although we’re not sure of your future among the Twitterarti. All words used and spelt correctly. “However” used as a conjunctive with commas! The Bug has this horrible feeling that Margaret would be able to use its, it’s, and there, they’re and their properly as well.

Another Twit who saw the absolute absurdity of the photo was Peter Murphy @PeterWMurphy1

The Bug agrees it’s a gobsmackingly stupid image. No wonder others on Twitter declared the Libs were frantically trying to remove it.

A year ago, Morrison said he wanted women to get ahead as long as it wasn’t at the expense of others. (Hint: that would be men). He lets a report on sexual harassment in the workplace rot for over a year and only pretends to address it when it finally dawns on him how very, very, cranky Australian women and girls are. He forms an inner Cabinet for women and then plonks himself right in the centre as the bloke in charge.

And then, unbelievably, he clearly loves the idea for a professional photo that shows him in total charge with the dutiful missus standing to the side, we can only guess mesmerised by his leadership abilities, statesmanlike aura and all-round decent bloke.

Among other tweets from the past week that we enjoyed immensely were from the very clever, always caustic Coalition Tea Lady @ItsBouquet…

This nice little piece of needle from Dr Lizzie Skinner @drlizzieskinner ….

And a nice “we must never forget” tweet from Daniel Bleakley @DanielBleakley on just one of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments’ monstrous financial mismanagements with a nice whiff of corruption about it…

And we’ve misplaced the one wishing Prince Philip had lived another 14 years to see Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout completed. We’re still looking ‘cos it’s a beauty.