PM and minister in hospital


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and one of his senior ministers remain in Canberra Hospital after being admitted and undergoing emergency treatment for severe eye injuries.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said an ambulance was called to Parliament House this morning and transported Mr Morrison and his Agriculture Minister David Littleproud to hospital.

“The two men were meeting in the Prime Minister’s office to discuss the current issues with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout,” the spokesperson said. (main picture)

“The PM and Mr Littleproud were meeting alone and spent considerable time drafting the government’s latest position on the vaccine rollout program and its targets and milestones.

“They were left in the room alone but after just a few minutes staffers were suddenly called in to find both men had sustained injuries to their eyes.

“It’s unclear at this stage what caused the injuries but both men are still under treatment in the emergency department of Canberra Hospital so there may be further clarity about what transpired as the day goes on,” the PM’s spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Mr Littleproud denied the incident had occurred despite confirmation from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“I think you’ve got three-fifths of bugger all information,” the spokesperson said.

“If the PM and my minister are in hospital – which they’re not, I add – then it’s clearly the states’ fault.”