Kean takes the blame


NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean says he is to blame for wrongly appointing former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to the board of a state government clean energy agency.

“I had no idea the Malcolm Turnbull whose name came across my desk as a potential chair of the Net Zero Emissions board was the same Malcolm Turnbull who is totally unsuited for the job because of the media storm he has created,” Mr Kean said after announcing the cancelation of the appointment.

“I read his CV very briefly and saw he had been PM, owned a cattle property, had a previous career as a high-flying lawyer and businessman.

“But I thought there could easily be two Malcolm Turnbulls, so I gave him the nod. I mean I’m sure there is another Matt Kean out there somewhere who is also a state environment minister so my error is easily understood, I hope. (main picture)

“I only wish I had done a bit more due diligence and realised a lot earlier that this Malcolm Turnbull was the one who would generate a media storm, which is the last thing our state needs given the real storms of recent weeks.

“I’m grateful to News Corp Australia for exposing my terribly sloppy processes, and I have promised them it won’t happen again,” Mr Kean said.