Car plan drives votes


Labor Party insiders are confident that its $15 billion plan to resurrect manufacturing in Australia will deliver a swag of votes in key states and seats at the next federal poll.

As part of the party’s strategy to leverage electoral spin-offs from the plan, Federal Opposition Leader, Anthony Albanese, has announced details of Labor’s policy to restart Australia’s car manufacturing industry as a component of the wider manufacturing boost announced at last week’s virtual ALP national conference.

Mr Albanese told reporters at a Sydney news conference that a priority for a Labor government would be to fund a new family sedan  to be called the Whitlam.

“The Whitlam will be an all-new Australian-designed car running on a unique power source that will be truly a world first,” Mr Albanese said. (main picture)

“The Whitlam will reignite our manufacturing sector and deliver new jobs directly in car manufacturing and indirectly in supply-chain sectors,” he said.

Mr Albanese cut short the news conference when reporters asked for details of the Whitlam’s fuel source and enquired whether it would be an electric vehicle.

“No, not as such,” Mr Albanese said while walking away from reporters.  

“As I said, it’ll be truly unique. Nothing like anything the world has seen before,” he said while breaking into a jog towards his official limousine and jumping into its passenger seat.

With reporters still pressing for answers about the car’s power source, Mr Albanese wound down his window slightly and again spoke briefly.

“Although it’s a new power technology, and while a coal-fired car has never been built anywhere else in the world we think it’s just right for Australian conditions,” he said.

“It’ll deliver the votes Labor looks for….. I mean, it’ll deliver the reliability Australians look for in their vehicles,” he added before his limousine sped off.