Nine attack doesn’t rate

The cyber-attack on the Nine Network’s Sydney broadcasting facilities are understood to have had no significant impact on its ratings for its flagship Sunday morning program.

Network spokesperson Peta Kostello, told me by phone from Sydney that ratings for Weekend Today had been largely unaffected by the loss of live broadcasting capacity.

“When the cyber-attack happened we rapidly switched from the Weekend Today studio and began airing reruns of the US talk show Ellen,” Ms Kostello said.

“We were a bit worried about how the attack and the replacement shows might affect our ratings for Sunday, but when we received the data late last night we were pleasantly surprised.

“It showed that ratings were largely the same as for any previous Sunday.

“In particular the ratings for Weekend Today weren’t affected at all.

“Our best theory for that very pleasing result is that viewers probably just thought Ellen DeGenerese was regular Weekend Today host Richard Wilkins. (main picture)

“In addition it is clear that when it comes to Weekend Today our Nine viewers are not fazed by, and indeed are quite accustomed, to the network’s usual practice of serving up shitty repeats of lightweight imported shows,” Ms Kostello said.

Moments after concluding our interview, Ms Kostello rang me back to say: “I’m sorry, but I should have said: ‘When it comes to Weekend Today our nine viewers are not fazed by our usual programming practices.’

“Just thought I’d clear that up. Cheers!

“Which reminds me, I think we’re ready to run Cheers repeats back to back if we’re attacked again.”