GPs, patients take jab at Lib branding


General practitioners and their patients in many parts of the nation have expressed their fury this morning over “unconscionable and unethical” Liberal Party branding as phase 1B of the COVID-19 vaccination program began its rollout.

Both the phials and the needles being used to administer the Astra-Zenica vaccine to some six million Australians during the phase have been branded with the Liberal Party of Australia logo. (above)

“This is unconscionable and entirely unethical Liberal Party behavior,” said one GP whose practice is in a safe Labor seat in inner-Sydney.

And one of his patients who has met both Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek and likes them both could barely contain her anger as she spat out: “The Libs don’t blink an eye when it comes to using public money for their own shameless self-promotion.”

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended the decision to market the rollout that way.

“The PM is very proud of the fact that it has been his Liberal Party that has steered Australia through the coronavirus pandemic and its role in ensuring a fast and efficient rollout of the vaccination program should be understood, and rewarded, by the public,” a spokesperson said.

“And many of the six million Australians involved in this phase are really old people who are the Liberal Party’s natural demography so the temptation to appeal to them was simply too strong for the PM to ignore.

“Besides, the other mob are doing it too.”

The Bug understands he was referring to the National Party, which has put its own branding on the vaccine as it is being administred in rural and regional areas.