Analyst backs support

SYDNEY: An independent airline industry analyst says the Morrison Government’s tourism rescue package is a well-targeted idea that should continue well after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.

Joyce Alan, CEO of Sydney-based airline industry consultancy Quant-S, rejected suggestions that the program subsidising airline flights to popular tourist destinations favoured the big airlines and major regional centres at the expense of smaller operator and lower-profile destinations.

“Oh dares nuttin in dat sorta criticism,” Ms Joyce (main picture) said.

“Oi tink it’s a great initiative and will help secure jobs in da airloin industry, especially some of dem more hoily paid jobs held by very talented fellas who deserve every penny of what day get paid.

“If oi had my way dis scheme would go on forever,” she said.

Ms Joyce said based on how The Bug reported her comments she reserved the right to lodge a complaint wit dee Human Roits Commission.


INGOLSTADT, GERMANY: European carmaker Audi plans to release a special Australian version of its new taillight system that displays graphics and messages.

The new system – available on some new model Audis at an extra cost of around A$2,500 – allows the driver to program a range of tail light patterns including animated sequences.

An Audi spokesperson confirmed a special range of display options had been developed for Australian driving conditions and would be released soon in the local market. (pictured)


PARIS: There’s some excellent news for all Australians coming out of the French capital following the appointment of Mathias Cormann as head of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The OECD is based in Paris and the former Australian Finance Minister declared overnight using one of the many languages he is fluent in: “I won’t be back”.


PERTH: Liberal Party officials here have basically shrugged their shoulders on hearing the news that Labor Premier Mark McGowan had driven out to the state governor’s residence early last night and had been sworn in for three more four-year terms.


CANBERRA: It is understood smelling salts were needed to revive Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday after he was informed that maybe one of the 15 regional destinations announced in his $1.2 billion half-priced air-fare tourism recovery package might not have been in an LNP electorate or one the government planned to target come the next federal election.