Name-change for popular product


A ruling by the nation’s consumer watchdog has helped speed up a name-change for a popular brand of eye drops.

Sydney-based Care Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd said consumers would soon see the name Murine disappear from bottles of eye drops on the shelves of chemist shops and supermarkets and replaced with a new brand.

A company spokesperson said the move had been planned for some time.

“We know that most Australians have at some time achieved relief from tired or irritated eyes by squeezing a few drops from a bottle of Murine into them,” the spokesperson said.

“But we have never been really comfortable marketing a product whose name contains the word ‘urine’ to be quite frank.

“In fact we have been throwing around a lot of replacement names for the past few years but have never taken the final decision to make the change.

“But now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has ruled that medicinal or therapeutic goods must carry names that better describe their contents and application.

“So we have decided now to rename Murine to give a clear indication of exactly what the product is, what it does, and how to apply it.

“Our marketing people came up with the very clear and explicit name  Physically Injected Saline Solution.

“Of course that name is too long for our small bottles so we had to go with an acronym which we’re sure consumers will embrace just as much as they did the old name,” the spokesperson said.