Turnbull throws book at PM

SYDNEY: Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a second instalment of his autobiography.

Mr Turnbull said his recent comments attacking the handling by his successor Scott Morrison of rape allegations against a then government staffer prompted him to quickly pen the second book and have it rushed into publication. (main picture)

“I sat down recently and jotted down all the issues on which I have criticised Scott since he took my old job, especially on issues that I as PM may have ignored, downplayed, or simply fucked up,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The most recent case of the alleged rape and Scott’s mishandling of it and his questionable public statements and excuses for inaction was the deciding factor.

“So I collected all of my criticisms into a second book that essentially provides readers with a second instalment of my brilliant career.

“Incidentally I have launched litigation against the trustees of the estate of Miles Franklin who blocked me from using that phrase as the title of both of my books,” Mr Turnbull said.


BRISBANE:Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has expressed surprise and disappointment after reading the fine print of the International Olympic Committee’s decision on the host for the 2032 Summer Games.

“I closely read the paperwork that finally arrived today and apparently Brisbane has been picked to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2032,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“We’ll still put on a good event, but it does take the edge of it a bit.”


SYDNEY: Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has refused to answer any questions at his daily media call outside his Sydney home this morning.

Media had gathered in front of the permanent dias with its fully lit and powered lectern at the outdoor media hub on the footpath outside the triumphant 2018 Gold Coast Games El Supremo’s home at 7am, the normal time.

But when Mr Beattie emerged 14 minutes late wearing a maroon dressing gown and TV make-up, he ordered that no photos be taken and after pausing to pose for photos said simply: “I’ve called you together to let you know that at tomorrow’s daily media conference here I will be outlining my amazing central role in securing the Olympics for Brisbane.”

He again struck his “no photos please” pose for photographers before heading quickly back inside.

The Bug can reveal that moments after the grateful media had disbanded and as our Olympics reporters were about to drive off, Mr Beattie rang “his favourite media outlet” and asked us to wait behind.

He disclosed exclusively that at tomorrow’s daily media call, he will also reveal his ideas for “some simply magical mascots for the Brisbane Games”.

The Bug tomorrow will report fully on those mascot designs and what ongoing role Mr Beattie expects to be handed to ensure the south Queensland games are as successful as they can possibly be.