Editor apologises to readers


Editor-in-chief of The Australian newspaper Chris Dore has apologised to readers for “an unforgiveable error” in today’s edition of the News Corp Australia broadsheet.

Mr Dore said readers would notice a large blank space on the front page of Thursday’s paper. (main picture)

“I apologise to all our readers for the lack of a front-page lead today,” Mr Dore said.

“This is a major departure from the standards we at The Australian usually apply to our editorial product.

“The blank space had been earmarked for coverage of the story about the Brisbane doctor who bungled vaccine shots for two elderly residents of a nursing home.

“All of us here at The Oz pushed ourselves to the limit to bring readers that story in today’s paper.

“I can genuinely say that we all tried our hardest, but in the end we just couldn’t find any way to blame Dan Andrews for the Brisbane vaccination fuck-up.

“So we missed the deadline and the presses started to roll. As editor-in-chief I apologise unreservedly for that.

“Luckily for our readers Johannes Leak’s editorial cartoon today on page 13 has a go at Andrews.

“But then again, I really don’t need to tell anyone that, do I?” Mr Dore said.