Rupert proves Rudd’s point

One of the issues former PM Kevin Rudd has raised in recent times about the operations of News Corp Australia is the risk of its reach within the Australian media landscape and how it often imposes its central corporate view of the world on news consumers despite claiming that its individual editors make their own decisions about coverage.

Mr Rudd gave vent to these and other concerns to a federal parliamentary committee yesterday.

But reading News Corp papers today you would hardly know he opened his mouth.

News Corp’s capital city papers seemed to prove Mr Rudd’s point by running identical stories about the committee hearing (main picture).

Those stories also ran in various abbreviated forms in the other News Corp regional papers that still print hard copy Saturday editions.

But Mr Rudd didn’t get the lead in any of them.

Oh no. Instead the stories were based on evidence to the committee by Michael Miller, News Corp Australia’s executive chair, who basically said all was right with the world as far as his company’s behaviour and editorial coverage were concerned.

Mr Rudd’s evidence was cut to a couple of lines at the end of the yarn.

Some of News Corp’s daily turdbloids even ran an “exclusive” label on the story quoting Mr Miller who was appearing at an open public hearing. Very odd.


At least some of Mr Rudd’s evidence to the committee was given a run, albeit very briefly, in the News Corp turdbloids.

Compare that with his treatment in the national broadsheet The Weekend Australian.

Reading its coverage of the committee hearing you would know a lot of what News Corp’s Mr Miller thinks, but you would barely know Mr Rudd was in town.

We suggest Mr Miller’s comments could be best described as somewhat monopolising the coverage of the committee hearing.


Poor old Aunty ABC must be suffering the same shortage of sub-editors afflicting most other news outlets across our nation.

Evidence of that appeared in a story on ABC News Online about the purchase of former PM Gough Whitlam’s old home in Sydney. (pictured)

The house has been bought by a group of Labor Party identities spearheaded by former NSW premier Barry Unsworth.

After signing a suitably large cheque for the purchase Mr Unsworth was quoted as saying: “The main thing is we have acquired it for prosperity.”

Further into the story the local real estate agent handling the sale spoke of the current owner’s joy at having sealed the deal.

“They were extremely happy with the Whitlam Heritage Home group has purchased it,” he said.

Not sure what word is missing or superfluous in that line, but in the old days…..

You can fill in the blank.