Please make them stop, dear Jesus!

If I didn’t detest Scott Morrison with a pathological zeal I’m almost ashamed of, I could almost feel sorry for him.

For it seems the poor diddums is truly upset about the escalating level of vitriol coming his way from Twitter and Facebook and maybe other social mediocre platforms.

I’m guided by this recent tweet. If it’s not too late, I’d like to have Elaine’s babies.

Sources tell me Smoko is now in regular contact with Jesus Christ, his Lord and Master, beseeching Him to put an end to such horrific abuse (at top).

All our PM wants is an early election played on the very levellest of playing fields, the one that generally allows the LNP to win the close ones.

It should be preceded for some months by barely disguised taxpayer funded ads about how good he as the Father of Our Nation and to a much lesser degree his government has been in combatting COVID-19 and the amazing plans for ongoing economic recovery that only his side of politics can do well.

If Labor is stupid enough to release a policy, Tim Wilson will then head off on a taxpayer-funded travelling parliamentary road show to debunk said policy and garner Liberal memberships and donations.

The campaign proper should then be conducted around a litany of lies about Labor’s platform, no matter how small, to make up for the LNP’s being even smaller and basically centred around a simple pitch to greedy Australians that they can “get to keep more of their own money”.

And all the while, the mainstream media that will run a protection racket on the government’s disgraceful economic record and many policy failures and corrupt actions over three terms in office even before coronavirus struck and instead highlight, a la Barrie Cassidy, every “gaffe or misstep” by the opposition and monster black holes in their costings.

All rounded off by world-record pork-barrelling effort that will shake heads by its sheer audacity, size and scope when it’s finally revealed many months after polling day.

That’s the way any close election in Australia should be fought but apparently the nasty social media is not playing its part.

I called for a social media war against Morrison and Co some time ago and while the upsurge in anti-Smoko material I’ve noticed in recent times has had nothing to do with that, fuck I’d be as proud as punch if it did.

But I must confess to being appalled by the amount of posts and tweets based on personal attacks against the PM and his ministry of misfits, miscreants, malingerers and morons. There needs to be much more of that.

I want Morrison to be finally punished for the savage personal attacks he and his two predecessors piled on Bill Shorten over years, the constant portrayal of him as a sycophant trying to get his legs under the tables of billionaires, a worker-hating, brown-nosing snake in the grass trying to slither his way into The Lodge.

I want Morrison gone for his constant refrain from the last election – “Bill Shorten lies. That’s all he ever does. He lies and he lies and lies” – followed by his own farrago of fibs over retiree/pension taxes, property taxes, vehicle taxes, death taxes, taxes on taxes…

So come on. social medicore reporters and commentators! Let’s ramp it up and get this done. We need to do the job the mainstream media has shamefully walked away from.

Don Gordon-Brown