Case against Trump fleshed out

Residents of Palm Beach in the US state of Florida have expanded their list of objections in their legal action seeking court orders banning Donald Trump from living permanently at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The residents’ action group had originally argued that Mr Trump, who has retreated to his resort since leaving the White House, should not be allowed to live there on a permanent basis because of the disruption his presence will cause, especially his security requirements as an ex-president.

But documents lodged with the Palm Beach County Court show residents have expanded their arguments.

The local residents’ action group now also argues that they object to Mr Trump’s habit of going nude within the grounds of the Mar-a-Lago resort, including when using its golf course (main picture).

“It’s been an open secret around Palm Beach for many years that Trump is a home nudist,” one resident who did not wish to be identified told The Bug.

“Apparently he was naked as often as possible when living in the White House too.

“In fact whenever he talks about the fake news media I laugh because it’s been the media that have known of his nudist behaviour but have never written about it because they saw it as too much of an invasion of his privacy, even when he was president.”

The resident said Palm Beach locals were confident the court would rule in their favour.

However, he defended the action group’s decision not to object to the former First Lady Melania Trump taking up permanent residence at Mar-a-Lago.

“We’re not mad,” he said. “Melania is a home nudist too, but she’s still hot.”