Cabinet makes its COVID mark

CANBERRA: Responsible Australians who willingly in their turn undertake the soon-to-be-rolled-out COVID-19 vaccine jab will immediately gain a huge advantage over those who for any reason delay or refuse their immunisation.

Once vaccinated, they will display a clearly visible sign that will automatically allow them to travel freely around the nation and exempt them from local authority decisions such as snap lockdowns and mandatory face mask wearing periods or social distancing edicts.

“I think Australians will really appreciate the tattoo design (pictured above) that Cabinet has come up with,” Health Minister Greg Hunt told The Bug overnight .

“The tattoo will be applied over the injection spot once the vaccine procedure is complete,” Mr Hunt explained. “A few wanted it to be on the forehead but that idea was overruled.

“Some members of Cabinet had wanted the tattoo to be a yellow triangle but collectively we didn’t see that as the final solution.

“And it’s not permanent so I don’t want anyone to be worried about that aspect of it. The tattoo is designed to fade away completely as soon as the next federal election is over.”

The Bug understands Cabinet also weighed up a separate tattoo design – the beaming face of Prime Minister Scott Morrison – but as one minister said: “We were keen not to politicise the vaccination rollout – it is after all a whole-of-government initiative.”

The Cabinet had also considered a certificate of COVID-19 immunisation but eventually decided such a certificate could be easily misplaced or forgotten and the tattoo was the easier and cheaper option.

In Tamworth, the member for New England Barnaby Joyce slammed Nationals leader Michael McCormack for not insisting the tattoo be the LNP logo.