New show covers all points of view


Network 10 says it has signed up a number of Peter van Onselens to star in a new weekly political analysis program.

A network spokesperson said the new hour-long program Peter van Onselen’s Points of View will be built around several of its national political editors.

“We have been in negotiations with a large number of Peter van Onselens over the past few months and most had agreed to appear in the weekly panel show,” the spokesperson said.

“The network wanted to develop a political panel show like the ABC’s Insiders – something that doesn’t tax viewers by offering anything new, but just allows a host and panel members to flap their jaws and repeat shallow commentary or obvious analysis they’d already flogged to death in the previous week or more.

“Of course the ABC show is regularly lambasted for supposedly offering a single, left-wing, anti-Morrison Government point of view.

“We thought we could achieve the same style of program while also offering widely varying points of view by using the Peter van Onselens who are already signed up to Network 10.

“As host we’ve got Peter van Onselen who confidently predicted Bill Shorten and Labor would win at the 2019 federal election, as well as the one who equally confidently predicted Tony Abbott would hold his Warringah seat at that same poll.

“Then we have Peter van Onselen who admitted he got it all wrong in 2019 plus the one who is now confidently predicting Scott Morrison and the Coalition will win the next election.

“We’ve also signed up Peter van Onselen who has lauded Scott Morrison as a sort of the father of the nation, wartime leader, and brilliant and unrivalled message marketer and political tactician and salesperson.

“Also on the panel will be Peter van Onselen who has pointed out Scott Morrison’s unquestioned culpability in the sports rorts affairs, and the robodebt scandal that actually cost lives.

“Plus we’ll have the Peter van Onselen who pointed out that Scott Morrison’s decision to put his Pentecostal beliefs ahead of good governance in 2016 and walk out of parliament rather than vote on same-sex marriage laws was totally unacceptable behaviour for anyone wanting to be PM.

“We believe PVO’s POV will grow to become a must-watch program for anyone interested in hearing from all sides in any political argument,” the spokesperson said.