Academic honour for Our Gladys

SYDNEY: A stellar performance by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on the ABC’s News Breakfast program this morning will become a permanent inclusion in Politics #101 lectures at a prestigious university school of politics.

“That footage is going straight into the curriculum,” said Professor Gerry Mander of the University of Sydney’s political studies department.

“Although the Premier’s interview with co-host Michael Rowland lasts only a few minutes, our new students can learn so much from her brilliant performance.”

Rowland had asked the Premier if she condoned the use of the Liberal Party’s logo on what appeared to be a government announcement on the purchase of more COVID-19 vaccine doses.

“The way she instinctively avoided any criticism of her own side of politics and dismissed as an irrelevant side issue what she herself thought of the ethics of using a party logo was very clever and it’s exactly what our first-year students need to study to fully understand how Australian politics works,” Professor Mander said.

“The way she said she couldn’t comment because she hadn’t seen what Rowland had just shown her was politics played pure and simple.

“And the old deflection trick – that she has far more important life-and-death things to deal with rather than give viewers even the slightest hint of her own ethical standards was gold-standard, top-shelf politics.”

Herald presses fall silent

SYDNEY: The print version of the Sydney Morning Herald ends with today’s edition, a sombre Nine Entertainment chairman Peter Costello has declared.

“The decision by Harvey Norman this morning to cease all advertising with the SMH and its sister paper The Sun-Herald means both mastheads are now unprofitable and totally unsustainable,” he said.

Faint bruisings explained

SYDNEY: Craig Kelly’s GP has diagnosed faint marks on the face and shoulders of the federal member for Hughes as being the result of limp lettuce strikes.