A common songsheet is emerging

An ever-increasing section of the mainstream media is starting to sing lustily from the same songbook and its three main catchy tunes are How the Father of the Nation Led Us Brilliantly Through the COVID-19 Pandemic; It’d be Silly not to Re-elect ScoMo Now That He’s Moved to and is Now Dominating the Centre of Australian Politics; and It would be Churlish and Unfair to Judge Scott on Any Other Issue.

We’ll post a copy of the songbook as soon as we spy one. There’s also an accompanying style book for any sub-editors left in the industry.

Think these themes aren’t becoming all pervasive if far from persuasive?

We’ve covered recently the risible rubbish penned by the LNP’s public relations officer – sorry, the SMH‘s political and international editor Peter Hartcher – about how Prime Minister Morrison took charge of the fight against COVID-19 from the get-go. Absolute tosh, of course, to any logical, clear thinking person with functioning eyes and ears.

Hartcher banged on too about Morrison taking control of the political centre where he now supposedly reigns supreme. Okay, we’re paraphrasing that a little but it is more verbal diarrhoea dribbling from the lips of the master of the tragic unrealism school of journalism now spreading throughout the MSM.

Hartcher must have missed how Morrison ran a million miles from joining in the worldwide criticism of Trump’s incitement of the Capitol riots. And after some internal party polling, finally came up with some weasel words calculated not to offend his base.

Then last Sunday, the SMH‘s Jacqueline Maley did some warm-up exercises and then flexed her vocal cords with this: “The government will (justifiably) campaign on its excellent handling of the pandemic and what is shaping up to be a solid economic recovery from it.”

Considering that earlier in her performance, she also sang that Morrison had pragmatically gotten out of the way of [the coronavirus response], how she could put both thought bubbles in the one performance without blushing is quite amazing.

Then just last night, Andrew Probyn on the ABC’s 7.30 gave us the full medley.

If there is an early election later this year, Morrison will be judged on his coronavirus vaccine rollout, Andrew warbled in a rich tenor style.

The Glass House caught a fairly clear suggestion there that the rollout will be the only issue on which Morrison will be judged.

Bit harsh? Maybe. But Probyn could have said “one of the issues” on which Morrison will be judged.

It might come late but the vaccine rollout is unlikely to be something even Morrison could stuff up. So does he deserve another term for that alone, Andrew?

Please try to be a little different from the News Corpse and Nine Entertainment media platforms. You do work for the ABC, remember?