Delay for landmark rebuild


The French Government has blamed the nation’s major building trade union for delays that could see reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral uncompleted by the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The historic 12th century cathedral in the middle of Paris was severely damaged by fire in 2019 after which French President Emmanuel Macron declared it would be rebuilt in time for the Games due to start in July 2024.

But French government officials claim rebuilding work has not been progressing according to the approved design and have blamed officials and members of the Union de la Construction, de la Foresterie, du Maritime, des Mineraux et de l’Energie (UCFMME).

“The union has totally disregarded the President’s commitment to have the rebuilding of the cathedral finished according to a government-approved design by the start of the 2024 Olympics in Paris,” a government spokesperson said.

“We had no issues in the early stages of the rebuild, but all the trouble started after union officials visited Australia for an international conference of building unions.

“Since then the UCFMME has lodged all sorts of claims for additional allowances and conditions for its members including a new garlic allowance and a special croissant leave which we have never previously paid, or even heard of to be honest.

“The unionised work force on site has even disregarded the heritage architect’s plans and we are fearful the final restored cathedral will look nothing like the original.”

But the UCFMME’s national secretary, Jean-Paul Stereotype, (main picture) denied responsibility for any delays.

M Stereotype also rejected claims that his union had been too influenced by its Australian counterpart.

“Dinkum juste mate. C’est de la merde,” M Stereotype said.