Tricky Trump plan foiled

WASHINGTON DC: The FBI has foiled a last-gasp plan by Donald Trump to retain the US presidency.

The elaborate plan involved Mr Trump taking the oath of office for President on January 20 as provided for in the US Constitution and claiming the right to serve a second four-year term.

An FBI spokesperson, Jay Edgarhoover, said agents uncovered the elaborate plot during a scheduled rehearsal for the inauguration staged at President-Elect Joe Biden’s home in Delaware.

“Trump’s plan was to have himself smuggled in to the inauguration at the Capitol later this week disguised as the President-Elect’s wife Jill Biden (main picture),” Mr Edgarhoover said.

“Mr Trump planned to stand alongside Mr Biden pretending to be his wife and as the oath of office was administered by US Chief Justice John Roberts he would surreptitiously place his own hand on the Bible Mr Biden plans to use and recite the words of the oath a split second ahead of Mr Biden.

“Luckily FBI agents stumbled upon the plan at the recent rehearsal at Mr Biden’s house where President Trump apparently went for a dress rehearsal of his own, so to speak.

“We are still investigating how Mr Trump gained access to Mr Biden’s house, but we suspect he had inside help, probably from some rogue elements of the Secret Service.

“Secret Service officers were certainly very quick to remove Mr Trump from Mr Biden’s house and spirit him away.

“Well, at least we think they were Secret Service agents. Come to think of it, they were shirtless, had extensive body tattoos and wore hats with a lot of fur and horns,” Mr Edgarhoover said.

He said Mr Biden was not aware of the attempt to wrest the presidency from him.

“That’s not unusual. Mr Biden remains unaware of most things,” he said.

“In fact the President-Elect complimented Mr Trump at the rehearsal, kissed him at one point, and even called him Jill.”

Political observers said if the plot had succeeded it would have plunged the US into a major constitutional crisis and the legitimacy of Mr Trump’s claim to a second term would have inevitably ended up being decided by the US Supreme Court (pictured).