Cop this one from the Courier

If struggling print-media newspapers are desperate to swing readers across to their online platforms for when the presses fall silent as seems highly likely, they might consider efforts better than this one from The Courier-Mail.

The Glass House is indebted to its reader for sending us this recent email from the Brisbane organ tempting people to read its stories online that, hopefully will lead to a subscription.

It’s not exactly likely to have you eagerly wanting to part with your hard-earned for a sub, now, is it?

Firstly, look at that heading; it’s a real attention getter! No wonder the poor thing died. She’s obviously had two separate crashes. Or at least a crash and a smash. Did both contribute equally to her demise? That is still to be determined by the coroner, we suspect.

Then there’s the second gripe, the one our spotter concentrated on. He wrote: “Another tragic story made immeasurably worse by The Curious Snail. It has long since been lost to the English language, but it was drummed into me as a cadet that you can’t collide with an inanimate object.”

Spot on, sir! Cars hit trees was one of about 20 basic rules of journalism the washed-up, bitter old hacks here at TGH needed to get right for their first grading that came late in their lifetime careers.

We’re not sure of the exact sequence but if anyone clicked onto that email link, we think they got this, displaying the email’s two errors, one just silly, the other one of style ….

And then this. A slight improvement.

But, overall: desire to take out a sub? Still close to zero.