Brand rethink costs bread makers dough


SYDNEY: Australia’s two main bread manufacturers have bowed to immense pressure from the #allbreadsmatter movement and will rename some of their best selling brands.

Goodman Fielder has promised to discontinue its popular Wonder White loaf and George Weston Foods will scrap its Tip Top white breads, both thin sliced and thick for toasting.

Wonder White will be replaced with No More Wonderful Than Any Other Colour loaf and the best seller amongst Tip Top’s product range will now be branded Colour Bleached instead of White. It will still be available in both thin and thick slices, or if customers prefer, unsliced.

A Goodman Fielder spokesperson told The Bug: “We originally thought maybe a solution that would satisfy the #allbreadsmatter movement was to rename rye bread as black bread and wholemeal/grain breads as brown. But we then thought: what about the Chinks and the Red Indians?

“And the costs of rebranding and remarketing all those types proved prohibitive so we are hoping the #allbreadsmatter movement will accept the changes being made to our white … sorry … Colour Challenged product range.”

From an idea from Bugger Jodie Findlay. Oh, who are we trying to kid. She practically wrote the thing!