The Sydney Morrison Herald …or worse

This column has expressed concern before over a potential (some might say clearly obvious) drift to the right by the former Fairfax mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald since they came under Nine Entertainment ownership.

Such concerns are understandable given that the chairman of the organisation is former Liberal federal treasurer Peter “I would have challenged Howard if I had ever shown any guts” Costello who saw no problem at all in hosting a Liberal Party fundraiser at Nine’s TV studios in Sydney.

Admittedly, the signs are not good and there’s no better example of that than the laughable piece of tosh by someone with the unbelievable moniker of Parnell Palme McGuinness in a recent Sun-Herald comment piece, claiming hysterically that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had come top of the world class in Politics 2020, easily eclipsing the work of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern across the dutch.

This tortured, turgid, piece of propaganda reminded The Glass House of an old labbie down on its haunches, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge a turd that’s been baked far too long.

McGuinness, a dreadful Tory, was clearly trying to help Berejiklian out of a big hole she has dug herself over a number of fronts in recent months and even though McGuinness was also full of shit like that painfully bound labbie, with a lot of straining and a fair bit of howling she was able to dump that smelly load on Sun-Herald readers.

Comparing Berejiklian with Ardern is akin to arguing that Ivan Milat did far more good work in the Belangalo State Forest than the parks and wildlife rangers charged with the health and wellbeing of its flauna and flora.

And now we have a fresh example of the mindset of those charged with putting the SMH and The Sun-Herald on the streets.

At top is what the SMH – perhaps that should stand for The Scott Morrison Handjob from now on – carried on its website for a story about Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s decision to ditch the franking credits policy the ALP took to the 2019 poll.

TGH thanks Bernard Keane of Crikey fame for alerting us to this shocker via a recent tweet.

We’re happy to take his word on who recently ran the SMH and who now staffs it, but he is absolutely spot on that “Retiree Tax” was a clear talking point by the Liberals to distort and smear that particular ALP policy.

The LNP used “retiree tax” and “pensioner tax” liberally to con stupid retirees/pensioners that they were also at risk of losing money even if they didn’t have franking credits to fiddle. The Labor policy was not a tax in any shape or form: it was a well-thought out policy to remove a costly perk for people who didn’t pay any tax at all.

And Keane has nailed the shameful misuse by Nine Entertainment of a shameful, deceitful and very effective Liberal talking point perfectly.


The Mainstream Medicore continues to help the Morrison government out with constant chatter about the likelihood of a early election, maybe even a year early.

Today’s comment piece by The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan on its front page is just the latest example. (pictured)

But the ranks of those confidently stating that a poll is in the pipeline include the ABC.

Stand-in host Cathy van Extel on Radio National on Monday morning sadly joined the News Corpse, Nine Entertainment, and radio shock jocks who throw a “possible/likely/needs to happen early election this year” out there as the most natural and obvious thing that a Prime Minister only two-thirds of the way through a pathetically short three-year term should do.

If the polls stay positive, Morrison would love to go early but that doesn’t mean that you, Cathy, has to do his electorate-softening-up work for him.


One of the Peter van Onselens recently declared in a column in the national broadshit that “the PM has the next election in the bag”, apparently whenever it is held.

That particular Mr van Onselen, sorry Dr van Onselen, even used a Boxing Day column in The Oz to declare with absolute confidence that current federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, will inevitably succeed Mr Morrison when he retires, after his inevitable win at the polls.  

We do wonder if Dr van Onselen has ever heard the line attributed to former UK PM Harold Wilson that “a week is a long time in politics”.

Nevertheless we bow to that particular Dr van Onselen’s greater knowledge and insight.

So why we even need to go to the trouble of staging a national election is really beyond us here at the Glass House.

Why can’t we just have a panel of commentators like the van Onselens and others to pick our governments for us? It’s a model being promoted very vigorously right now by US President Donald Trump and certainly appeals to a lot of his followers.

It would certainly save Australian taxpayers a lot of money – a key consideration in this financially stressful pandemic era.