Pence sets a gender

US Vice-President Mike Pence denies he is going to extreme lengths to save his own political future by accommodating President Donald Trump’s continuing campaign to challenge the legitimacy of the November 2020 election outcome.

His denial follows news that he will not chair the coming session of the US Senate at which the election result will be formally certified.

Under the US Constitution Mr Pence as Vice-President is also president of the Senate and his official role is to chair the 6 January session and formally announce Mr Biden as President-Elect.

However, many diehard Trump supporters who do not accept the result continue to hold sway within the Republican Party’s rank and file and some of the party’s Senators plan to challenge the election based on the alleged voting rorts repeatedly detailed by President Trump but which he has failed to support with concrete evidence and which have been rejected by various courts hearing his legal challenges.

The Vice-President’s office yesterday scheduled a news conference at which reporters were expecting Mr Pence to say he would accept the outcome of the election and Joe Biden’s victory when the Senate votes next week.

But waiting reporters were surprised when a person introduced as Michelle Pence (main picture) arrived to respond to questions.

Ms Pence explained that she and not Mike Pence would be chairing the Senate on 6 January.

“I will be acting as President of the Senate on 6 January so if anyone in the Republic Party takes issue with my actions then I want to make it clear it will have nothing to do with Mike,” Ms Pence said.

Ms Pence rejected suggestions that he or she was simply afraid to put his or her name to the outcome of the Senate’s formal endorsement of Mr Biden.

“Mike is a dedicated servant of the people and his party and I am sure that I have, … I mean I am sure that he has a big future still ahead of me, … I mean him in the Republican Party,” she said.

“Mike is someone who could be President myself, … himself one day.

“So on this occasion it’s important that I, … he steps aside so that I, …..I mean someone else like him, … I mean someone else like me can take the chair and oversee the vote that should see Joe Biden confirmed as President-Elect.

“I will have, … I mean Mike will have nothing to do with the vote, so my… his future should be untainted by the result,” Ms Pence said.