Word on the street

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a change to the national anthem to address claims it is not inclusive enough. The words “young and free” will from now on be “one and free”. The Bug took to the streets around the country to assess reactions.

Ray Cyst – Sky News producer, Sydney

“I think it’s great news, quite literally, for those of us who help put to air the ‘after dark’ programs here at Sky News. Over Christmas and New Year, the so-called silly season, we usually have nothing much to use as fuel to add to the fires of bigotry and racism we help stoke for the other 12 months of the year. But this is a godsend and gives us plenty of fodder for our presenters to rant and rave and reinforce the hardline discriminatory outlook of our ageing audience.  Thanks heaps Scomo.”

Russel Howcroft – advertising guru, Melbourne

“It’s another bloody brilliant marketing decision from our PM. Yeah? I’m told by a mate in Canberra that Scott Morrison wasn’t sure about the change until someone told him that ‘one and free’ sounded a lot like ‘buy one get one free’. After that he didn’t need convincing. Yeah? After all he is, like me, a marketing genius. Yeah? Brilliant. Brilliant. Yeah?”

Gert Bysee – housewife, Brisbane

“I’m a traditionalist and I don’t like people fiddling with our national anthem. It should stay exactly as how it was written.”

Pauline Hansen – Senator for Queensland, Ipswich

“I support the change because it’s free publicity for me and my party. The substitution of the word ‘one’ lets people know we are one nation for which One Nation is very grateful because we have lost a lot of our avenues for free publicity ever since the breakfast TV shows dropped me after suddenly realising that for the previous 25 years they were helping to promote my divisive and crackpot views.”

Ginger Meggs – national icon, page 46

“How about the name of the anthem? Why is nothing being done to address the discrimination inherent in that? Advance Australia Fair – as in fair hair, fair skin. That doesn’t encompass those with darker complexions or even rangas like me. Talk about fair. It’s just not fair at all.”

Nades, Priya, Kopika and Tharunicaa – Christmas Island formerly of Biloela

“We think it’s only fair that the anthem be changed in other respects. For instance, they  should take out the lines ‘For those who’ve across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share’ if they want to more accurately reflect contemporary Australia.