Apple unveils iCar


Global IT company Apple has announced plans to enter the electric vehicle market.

At a new product presentation at Apple’s headquarters in California, the company’s CEO Tim Cook detailed the features of the new iCar. (main picture)

The presentation by Cook, like all Apple product launches, was in front of a capacity audience – albeit in COVID-safe terms – and was as usual interrupted regularly by wild cheering and standing ovations as he detailed the car’s features.

However, after the event some usually supportive fans of Apple products in attendance expressed reservations.

“I like the idea of the company diversifying,” said one self-described Apple fanatic at the launch who wished to remain anonymous for fear of being written off as an obsessive nerd.

“But looking at the prototype on stage I couldn’t help but think that maybe Apple designers have run out of ideas.”

Another obsessive nerd also had mixed views, saying: “It’s a good idea and I like the way you can start the car by swiping its roof or using your fingerprint.

“But why Apple has reverted to using a type-A USB port and lead for charging the engine is beyond me.

“It’s so ‘old school’. I mean I’ve thrown out all my type-A USBs long ago and now I’ve only got type-Cs.

“Anyway it’s probably a moot point. After all Tim Cook did allude to the possibility of  launching a car-size charging mat to keep in your garage. So I guess all is not lost.”

Motor industry observers said the new iCar should find a ready market among loyal Apple product buyers regardless of the usual 50% price premium the company applied to its products even though their components all derived from the same sweat shops and borderline slave-labour factories throughout Asia used by rival IT equipment retailers.